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Knicked name 'Rosh the selling machine' from her earlu days Now, a Billion Dollar Marketing Machine – previously only available to a an elite few is now made available to you.

At NZrealesate.investment, we believed, there is a better way of marketing properties for private owners, investors, property developers and construction companies.

We have work with a select group of clients with whom we have built strong wealth building relationships.

To us, our clients are not a number.

To provide fast and outstanding value is the key to out long standing relationship.


When you are our client, we become your partner in your wealth journey to accomplish your goals.
We work with your preferred purchasing criterias for investments and present you with off market  properties, so that you have first choice.


Our selling clients bring their properties to us, confident that we would have pre-qualified purchasers ready for an early sale.  

Here is an example of an off-market transaction:

In late 2012 we expanded to include large developments anything from sections, terraced housing, apartments and new single homes, from word of month and social media we achieved the required 40-50% of presales for a 250 homes development.  Most of our purchasing clients who did participate benefited from at least 28% discount from the day they paid a deposit and enjoyed a 10% ROI.

At the beginning of our journey when we proposed the idea of bulk selling to the developer , we met considerable resistance as  preserving profits margin for investors is always a priority.

We persevered with strong proposition, to achieve sales faster than our competitors and the provided a long term assurance of a win/win situation. We reassured our client of our mission to make them smarter, wealthier and may be happier through real estate investments in the least amount of time.  
Once we delivered on the first project, it was easier to have both sellers and purchasers calling us to assist them. We were blown away by the response, but we kept our database and profile small because to perfect a robust system we needed time.

Now we are proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of returning and new clients. We endeavour to increase the profit margins of both of the developer/builder and the purchasing clients.
Whether you have a residential/commercial development for pre-sale, your first home, or second investment or 10th investment, please contact us today.

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