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Buying Off The Plans

Why buy a house off plans?

Purchasing off the plans can be a good option for anyone.  Due to New Zealand’s well-documented housing shortage, there are incentives through namely through 

KiwiSaver HomeStart grant, KiwiSaver first-home withdrawal, Welcome Home Loan,  Kiwibuild and various bank and non-bank loan options

The government at this stage is encouraging more people to build new, rather than buy or renovate existing houses.


Our report on buying off plans include, what you have to do as due diligence, can you make alterations to the house plans, what do you have to do before you move in,  what do you have to look out for to get a mortgage, home and land packages, Insurance, Settlement.

Equity Home Ownership - Split Ownership

Here, the home owner and scheme provider (example private housing
developer, housing scheme Provider for low income) each own a specified percentage share of the property from the date of purchase. For example, the home owner owns a 75%-$80% share of the property while the scheme provider owns a 20%-25% share of the property based on each parties’ contribution to the purchase price. The home owner and their family then have the right to occupy the property and the scheme provider is the silent partner - subject to the terms of the Property Sharing Agreement.

Sections Only

If you do wish to buy a section - we hope that you are equipped with the right attitude to build your own home, the way you like it - that is close to your dream home.

Therefore we hope that you are familiar with a quality builder with a solid fix term contract - normally a subdivided section these days come with a fee simple title, where the power, water, cable and public drains are connected to site and you or your builder need to apply for a building consent to build the house of you chosen design, unless there is a convenant on the section to build the design as per resource consent of the developper.  


If you need to change the developer's consented design - you may need to change/alter the resource consent, which requires a new application to the council of your area.